About Luke Spray

I’m Luke Spray. I grew up in Southern California. After high school I decided to go to a little christian school just north of Sacramento. After working with poverty in Africa and San Francisco,  I decided it just wasn’t for me. The school opened my eyes to the type of person I dont want to become. These last couple of years I’ve met some people that have begun to show me the type of person I do hope to become.

I’ve learned that life has alot to do with our stories. So I’d like to share some of mine, and I’d like to hear some of yours. I’ve learned that we must overcome our fears to accomplish the things that mean the most.

Brennan Manning said “To live without risk is to risk not living,” I’ve begun to understand that our lives are defined by the risks we take, and the risks we dont take. Moving to San Francisco has been a risk that I’m willing to take. It’s where I want to be, where I feel I’m supposed to be, and hopefully it will open more doors than I can imagine.

It opened the door to do a Discipleship Training School on a boat, You can’t open up a much cooler door that that.

Right now I’m somewhere off the coast of Honduras. In a few weeks I might be in Belize. In a couple of months I’ll be in India.

Like I said, I started off in Southern California, and following Jesus has brought me here.

This blog is your chance to follow me.


One Response to “About Luke Spray”

  1. grandma dean Says:

    so very proud of you, my great-grandson. sharing your experiences keeps me aware of what a wonderful great-grandson you are.

    all of my love,

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