Writing + Update

The art of tandem child throwing

As crazy as it is to say, this is our last real week of outreach.

Next week we have debriefing and a little bit of fun before heading back to NYC on the 18th.

For all of you who have supported me, thank you so much. You have not been forgotten. In fact, You’ve been remembered every single day. Because every single day I have written in my journal, telling the story of that day, knowing that soon enough I’ll get to share the stories with my friends and family halfway around the world.

I have been writing alot personally, and soon and very soon I will be writing alot publicly.

I’ve learned alot on this DTS. And in bits and pieces, in private letters, conversations, or on here, I will be sharing. That I promise.

A couple of quick notes:

-Next week I should have a chance to write a decent summary of our time here in India.

-I am still (unfortunately) without an internship at this point. The right thing just hasn’t come along yet, so its looking like I might be coming back to the states after outreach for a little while. Prayer would definitely be appreciated.

-I am still short on funding for India, so if you would like a personal story or two, please feel free to check out my support letter. Again, prayer would definitely be appreciated.

-Yesterday was our day off, and a couple of us went to visit the Taj Mahal! It was AMAZING to say the least. More on that later.

More on everything later.

Thank you for staying tuned as always.



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