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Our last India Outreach Newsletter was written by yours truly, and this is what I wrote:

It’s a strange thing living out of 3,400 square inch backpack alongside nine other people for two months. And it can be rough. 3,400 square inches is the only privacy you have, and sometimes you even have to share that space with those other nine people. But if there is anything I’ve learned this past week of wrapping up ministry and doing debrief (and relaxing!) Its that I’m incredibly grateful for those nine people. This week we said our goodbyes to our friends in Faridabad, and then set off for a couple of days of debrief and relaxation. I saw our team go the extra mile in finishing our last day strong working at an orphanage, and I saw them come together as they realized that this is the end. It’s made me realize how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to share life with them, and that I would gladly do it all again, even if it means sharing my 3,400 square inches.



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As I write this it is 9:23 PM monday night, at 5 AM tomorrow morning, I will be on a plane headed for America.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and, well, I’ve been on the other side for 5 months now.

Here are some things that I’ve missed the last 5 months, and some things I’m grateful to come home to:

-Free refills. Seriously, enjoy them, we’re apparently the only country that does them.

-I’m grateful to not have to convert prices in my head anymore. My math skills have never been more tested.

-Cool air. Something that is missing in India.

-I’m grateful to not be the sore thumb for once. It will be good to walk through a crowd and not turn heads.

-In-n-Out. Seriously, that is what a hamburger is all about.

-Convenience. Nowhere else is the world is there more stuff in one place than America.

-Not bargaining. I’m going to be grateful to walk into a store, and the price on the box is the price of the item. As of now, it is a foreign concept.

-A phone. I know I will not feel this way once my phone gets turned on, but it will be nice to be in contact again.

-Pancakes. Nothing more needs to be said.

-On the subject of food, it will be nice to be back in a place where McDonalds and KFC are the cheap places in town rather than the expensive places. You can only celebrate so much over a McChicken sandwich.

-Paper towels. I cannot emphasize how much a person misses those suckers when they don’t have them.

-Eating something…without sharing it with at least nine other people.

-Showers that are, A) not out of a bucket, and B) have water pressure, and C) have more than one choice of temperature.

-White shirts! So simple…but so nice.

-Rules of the road. In India the only rule is….ah who am I kidding, There are no rules!

-Being able to eat something without asking myself, “will this hurt later?”

-A place where dogs are petted rather than avoided.

-Red freaking meat. Holy cow, I cannot wait to eat some cow!

-Family. Yes. I miss them.

India has treated us like family. And of all the things that have been amazing, its continually shocked me how good people were to us. Complete strangers gave us rides and refused payment. People invited us into their homes at their own risk, and having 10 loud, eclectic “westerners” is no picnic. Not only did they invite us in, but they treated us like family. And as grateful as I am to go home, and as much as I poked fun at India during this blog post, I will always look back and remember how green the grass was in India, especially when it came to family.

India Outreach Newsletter No. 4

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My India outreach team is comprised of some amazing people. All of whom have different stories and different perspective on this journey. Luckily, some of these people are also really gifted with putting a newsletter together! So here is your chance to get a quick update, some pictures, and some highlights from the heart and through the words of the people who I’m lucky enough to share this experience with:

Click here

and enjoy.

Writing + Update

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The art of tandem child throwing

As crazy as it is to say, this is our last real week of outreach.

Next week we have debriefing and a little bit of fun before heading back to NYC on the 18th.

For all of you who have supported me, thank you so much. You have not been forgotten. In fact, You’ve been remembered every single day. Because every single day I have written in my journal, telling the story of that day, knowing that soon enough I’ll get to share the stories with my friends and family halfway around the world.

I have been writing alot personally, and soon and very soon I will be writing alot publicly.

I’ve learned alot on this DTS. And in bits and pieces, in private letters, conversations, or on here, I will be sharing. That I promise.

A couple of quick notes:

-Next week I should have a chance to write a decent summary of our time here in India.

-I am still (unfortunately) without an internship at this point. The right thing just hasn’t come along yet, so its looking like I might be coming back to the states after outreach for a little while. Prayer would definitely be appreciated.

-I am still short on funding for India, so if you would like a personal story or two, please feel free to check out my support letter. Again, prayer would definitely be appreciated.

-Yesterday was our day off, and a couple of us went to visit the Taj Mahal! It was AMAZING to say the least. More on that later.

More on everything later.

Thank you for staying tuned as always.