Updates Below!

So if you scroll down I’ve posted numerous updates! I hope you enjoy them and I’d love to hear your responses. Tomorrow morning we leave for India so who knows when I’ll be able to check this again!

A couple of things…

I’ve posted my India Support Letter under the Pages section on your right. The formatting isn’t working correctly, but I’d still love for you to check it out!

Prayer requests: I still am trying to raise funds, so I could definitely use prayer about that! I mentioned the “fog” I’m in below, and I could use prayer for that as well. Also below I wrote about internship and I could use prayer for that too! So thanks!

Lastly, I know I know I know that I have been talking about a photo album forever! And I REALLY want to be able to put one on here, but so far none of the internet connections I’ve had recently have allowed me the opportunity, but at some point….I will! I’m determined! In the meantime, feel free to check out the pictures that are uploaded to my Facebook, as well as checking out the journey’s of my friends who’s blogs I’ve liked on the right as well! So yeah, check it out!

See you in India!


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