Thailand Pt. 2

So! Tonight is our last night in Thailand, and technically I should probably already be in bed since our flight to India is early tomorrow morning.

I wanted to share alil bit about what has been going on this week.

Its been an amazing time to just relax and think through all that has happened over the past 3 months. Its been a good time to just be. To just process through things.

This last week we’ve been here in Thailand just waiting to get our visa’s for India. I’ve been getting REALLY antsy in preparation for India, but being here for a week has been really good. We’ve gotten a taste (and what a delicious taste it was!) of another culture, we’ve got to meet some rad YWAM teams from all over the world, and we’ve gotten to take part in some of the ministry that’s going on here in Thailand.

How I’m processing things is something that I can, and will be able to write more about later, but I’d love to share a couple of things that I’ve learned about the culture of Thailand!

1. Thailand is like one gigantic Costco. Everything is ridiculously cheap, so cheap that I continually have to tell myself “I don’t need that!” and more realistically “I don’t have the money for that!” over and over again because if not I would just buy a ton of stuff!

2. The food here is DELICIOUS. I’m surprised I’m not the fattest kid in Thailand yet. In San Francisco I lived a couple of blocks from what was considered the best, most authentic Thai place in town, and every place we’ve been to so far has put that place to shame! Plus, they serve delicious desserts here, I’ve taken mental notes and mental recipes from watching street vendors, and when I get back…I will be making delicious desserts. Count on it.

3. Animals! There are animals galore here. The dogs are the size and shape of small bears. They sell and serve everything from turtles to frogs to eels (all live I might add) for dinner in the market. They were selling owls in a market we went to earlier in the week, and just last night a lady had a “dog purse” with no dog, so we pointed to it and asked, and so she pulls, out of her fanny pack, now get this, she pulls out a baby flying squirrel. Hands down the coolest (and softest) pet I’ve ever seen.

Last but not least, I’ve never had any real desire to come to Thailand. When I got the chance to go to Africa a couple of years back I jumped at it, because I had ALWAYS wanted to go to Africa. With Thailand I never really had that desire. But now that I’m here its great! I love Thailand! And I would just like to thank all of you who (inadvertently) have made this possible. It has really been amazing!

That is all I’ll share for now, but be aware…I have a crazy Thailand riverboat story that I’ll be sure to share in the future!


One Response to “Thailand Pt. 2”

  1. Michelle Ross Says:

    Awesome Luke! One of the girls in my dorm in going to Thialand this summer so i gave her your link to read up on! Sounds awesome 🙂
    PS im going BACK to Tanzania again this summer for 2 whole months! Cant wait!!!! THough i might have told u that already. I cant wait to tell our friends thier about your adventures! They always ask about Luka and the rest of the clan!
    Blessings brotha!

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