Recap. Refresh. Rewind.

Man, just expanding on those three words alone leaves me so much to write about. I’ll try to be detailed but brief, and If you’d like to know more, just ask! My email is, and I’d love to hear from you.

Here goes…

Since my last full update we’ve had two more speakers, one being Tiffany Thompson. She talked alot about what God had for each of us. She also REALLY challenged our group with being real, open, and vulnerable. I think that’s a continual struggle for any group and any person, but its definitely necessary for growth…which is a big point of DTS, so it is a constant and necessary battle. Personally Tiffany challenged me with making the head to heart connection, which has been somewhat of a theme for me this whole DTS, and again, is suuuch a process.

Our next and final speaker was Dean Sherman. Dean has seemingly been speaking in YWAM since the time dinosaurs were roaming the earth, and is the most sought after speaker in YWAM, luckily, he is on the board for Destination Paradise so we were lucky enough to have him speak. He wrote the book on spiritual warfare, no, literally, he wrote the book. To be honest I wasn’t so amazed by his teaching per-say, but it was fascinating listening to him talk when people asked him questions. We also had the Belmopan DTS there with us, so it was cool to have three different DTS’s (Sailors, Divers, Belmopan) together to have fun and share experiences.

After Dean left we had a shortened weekend since we were leaving for India via Cancun on tuesday (Since our Belizian visa’s expired that tuesday) rather than friday. So we crammed lecture phase debrief and outreach prep into two days, along with having a nice goodbye dinner that the staff put on for us, and a dance party or two.

All in all it was a crazy whirlwind last couple of weeks heading toward India. Thailand has been a nice time to relax a little bit (More about that in the Thailand post above)

Personally, I have to say that living on a sailboat for three months was an amazing experience that I have only begun to process. I am so grateful for the opportunity that God and my supporters have allowed me to have.

The last couple of weeks of DTS I kind of felt like I was in a fog. Maybe it was an information overload or something, but I felt like I was second guessing and over-analyzing everything I did. It was just very out of character for me. I still feel like I’m in that phase a little bit, and its not comfortable, but I’ve learned that that times when we’re most uncomfortable is usually when God can grow us the most. Its one of those things that is frustrating and I’m grateful for all at the same time. The role  that I play here on the outreach team is different then the role I played on the boat, and I can see that God is kind of using that to bring me out of the fog. I could DEFINITELY  use prayer though, just that my eyes will be open to whatever God has for me during this time now, and in the future in India!

So our India team is a combination of the sailors DTS and the divers DTS. Destination Paradise does two outreaches each school, a local and an international. The local outreach comes within the cost of lecture phase tuition, and the international outreach costs $2,500. Midway through the school they presented us with both options and asked us to go pray about it. The two options were India (international) and Nicaragua (local). I would really love to go see Nicaragua, but it was very clear that India was the place for me to be. So two of our girls (sailors) and two of the girls from the divers DTS are now in Nicaragua, while the rest of us are on the India team! So it is me, tree other sailor girls, a girl from the divers, a married couple from divers school from Holland, two Belizian nationals from the divers, and our leader (who was the leader of the sailors DTS) who is from England. So thats our team! There will be plenty more to share about them in the future, and we’ll even be producing a weekly newsletter which I’ll be sure to upload onto this blog. So stay tuned!


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