Jan 23rd

Hey! Sorry its taken me so long to update this. Things have been busy here and typically the internet connection is very spotty,  so I haven’t been able to keep everyone as updated as I would like.

As of right now we’re docked in french harbor, which is kind of our home base, there is internet in town, as well as a grocery store and other necessary supplies.  I can’t remember exactly the specific type of boat(s) we are on, but we have two 46-foot sailing catamarans, which are really really cool.

But here is what has happened so far:  I already mentioned orientation week. The next week week we had our first speaker, Jon Peterson, Jon has been a pastor for over 25 years, and he is an occasional professor at Fuller Theological eminary. We went though the book of John with him, and we read it 5 times in 5 days which was pretty intense. It was really great sitting and talking with him, and just having another male on the boat!

Our second speaker was a woman named Dina who talked about spiritual gifts/leadership/ Myers Briggs personality type stuff. She just left today. Having her here was really good as far as learning about how to be a better listener, a more impactful (and yes I did just make that word up) friend, and many other things.

Tomorrow we are sailing to a nearby island called Guanaja, which should be alot of fun. Chris, our base leader/ Destination Paradise founder/ boat captain is speaking. Other than that I’ve been getting alot of reading done, as wells as attempting to swim a quarter mile each day (which is tougher than it seems!) and alot of other things. All in all, its been REALLY good so far. So yeah!



One Response to “Jan 23rd”

  1. Grandpa Ron Says:

    Fantastic, Luke! Thanks for giving us this detailed blog of your training and other activities. We’re envious, of course. Where else can a person enjoy themselves so much and yet learn about God. Continue to pursue and enjoy. You haven’t missed anything back here except a complete week of rain. The sun is finally shining today. Blessings to you.

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