In Honduras!

So, I am here! I arrived in Honduras on Tuesday after a redeye from LAX and a layover in El Salvador.

Things are great so far. Its nice to just…relax.

Anyways, this week has just been orientation week, getting to know everyone and getting familiar with the boats. (which are amazing)

Oh, and for those of you who do not know, I am the only guy on my DTS. Which is fine, because there are other guys. Jeremy is the guys leader and the skipper of one of the boats, and Chris is the base leader, so there are two other guys, me, five girls on the dts, and a girls leader.

gtg now!



3 Responses to “In Honduras!”

  1. so glad that you made the trip, hope all goes well for you now. you are in myprayers.

    two questions, I would like to help you but this grandma doesn’t havwe much money. what is the minimum that I can send you? where to I send it?

    my new e-mail address is:
    love you, grt gma

  2. Hey, guy! It’s good to know you are there “safe and sound. and ready for the unique learning adventure. Lots of girls, hmm.

    Next time tell us more about what kind of boat you are on and in what area are you docked.

    Love ya! grandpa says hi.

  3. Grandpa Ron Says:

    Hip, hip, hurray! You’re there safely and getting oriented. PTL! I know your glad the transition part of your adventure is over. And now comes the training. We pray you’ll take to it and enjoy every minute of your experience. Keep us posted on how you’re doing and how the training is impacting you. Blessings to you from grandma and grandpa Spray

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