Man, I’m going to miss this city.

Photo Credit: Troy Holden

I’ve been meaning to write for awhile, honest. I’ve definitely got a lot on my mind. What I don’t have is alot of time. Finals ended yesterday, and I’m flying home tomorrow. I’ll write more when I get home, but for my last night in the city, here’s a short list of things I’ll miss:

Good Coffee: It’s ridiculous how much high quality coffee there is here. I feel like I’m cheating on San Francisco every time I walk into a Starbucks now.

The “I actually live in San Francisco” feeling: I know I’ve been here a almost a year now, but I still get that feeling, and I think anyone else who lives here gets it too from time to time. It’s little things, like the guy on the bus with the parrot, the fantastic vistas, or the way the fog will suddenly envelope a building 50 feet away.

Speaking of the Fog: I will miss the fog. There, I said it. I know that as a southern Californian, I’m supposed to view anything that even seems like a cloud with anger and dirty looks, but sometimes…the fog is just so…fitting.

Muni: This could be considered blasphemous considering how horrible the service is, but there is something incredibly enjoyable about sharing a (very slow) ride with a bunch of strangers. Whether it be the journey, the money I’m saving on gas, or the ridiculous things people do on public transportation, there is will always be a place in my little heart for our poorly run transit system.

Delicious (cheap!) ethnic food: My neighborhood in particular has the best ethnic food, whether it be Thai, Turkish, or Indian, the food is usually delicious and always  affordable.

People: I’ve met some amazing people here, whether it be through work, church, school, or some other random spot, San Francisco has some really amazing people, and I cannot thank them enough for their impact on my life this past year.

And last but not least…

The view from Dolores Park: I tried to find a picture that would do it justice, but its hard. Of course you’ve seen the view of San Francisco with the painted ladies in the foreground, but I don’t think its the best. There is something magical about sitting in Dolores park, looking at the skyline all lit up (preferably while eating some Bi-Rite ice cream!). For a glimpse of that magic, click on the link below, but to truly experience it…You’ll just have to come and see…


One Response to “Man, I’m going to miss this city.”

  1. Luke, you truly lived in San Francisco. That experience will continue to impact your life.

    Keep us informed about what God is doing with you!

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