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Support letter

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The following is my support letter for my DTS in Belize. If I have your address this letter may arrive in your mailbox in a couple of days. No matter how you come upon it, I would appreciate if you took a moment to read it. Thanks. -Luke

Dear Friends and Family,
As some of you may know, I have been accepted to a Discipleship Training School in Belize starting on January 5th of 2010. I have been meaning to write you this letter for some time because I’d like to share a bit about what this trip is, and why I feel it’s so important.

Two summers ago, after I got back from Africa, I did an internship at Youth With A Mission(YWAM) in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. The Tenderloin is the city’s poorest, grittiest, and in many ways it’s worst neighborhood. My job was working with teams of high school students that came through to experience mission work in a new way. I guided them through the neighborhoods and gave them a taste of the ministry that YWAM did in the area.

The time I spent working in San Francisco drastically changed the way I viewed and experienced Church, Christianity, and life. The people I worked with had a profound effect on me. The staff at YWAM challenged me to go deeper in my relationship with God than ever before. They we’re the type of people that I wanted to become. They followed Jesus the way I wanted to, and they continue to shape the way I follow Jesus today.

God is now calling me to pursue a Discipleship Training School(DTS) though YWAM. The school consists of an initial three months in a classroom setting. There are numerous guest speakers, discussions, and book reports. The next phase is a two month outreach, this time will consist of taking the things that have been previously learned, and then implementing it in real world situations.

The final phase of my DTS is an extensive internship that focuses on leadership. This internship phase is unique to the Belize base, and is why I chose this location. The internship would provide me with an opportunity to take the things I have learned and experienced and translate them into something that is meaningful and beneficial to others, as well as giving me a clearer picture of the direction I want my life to take.

I am asking you to prayerfully consider joining my financial support team by helping me reach the required goal of $8,000. The money raised will cover tuition, rent, food, travel, and insurance.

Without your support none of this is possible. Thank you for simply taking the time to read this letter. It was your support that allowed me to go to Africa two summers ago, and I am forever grateful to God for His provision through you.

Please feel free to call me at any time at 909-289-3655, or email me at, I would love to tell you more about my upcoming journey. If you’re thinking about supporting me, you can send me a check at the address below. No matter how much you’re able to give, you’re participation brings me that much closer to doing something meaningful, and for that I cannot thank you enough. For more information on ways to support, please visit the link below.

In Christ,
Luke Spray
2815 N D st.
San Bernardino
CA, 92405


Dear Jesus,

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I could really use some help.



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4063476300_80b586546b_bThis is weird to say, but I love alleyways.

I always have. In a world where things are constantly fixed and updated to make them look better, we tend to end up with a seemingly fake world.

Alleyways are authentic. They are the parts of cities that just…are.

I was recently lucky enough to be a part of

I’ve been reading “I live here:SF” for quite awhile now, and I had always thought about participating, I thought it was a really cool idea, and I loved reading about the people that were featured on it.

When I created 1hundredproject, I realized that being a part of “I live here:SF” would be a good way to get the word out (I know, I know, shameless self promotion)

So I shot off an email to Julie (aka Tangobaby of, the creator of “I live here: SF” and luckily she wasn’t too picky about subjects for her project!

So we met up last week in my neighborhood and did a little photo shoot. I had never done a photo shoot before and was glad I got to do it with Julie. She made the afternoon into a nice conversation and walk that just happened to have a camera following along, and for that I was grateful.

Some of my photo shoot ended up being done on a friends rooftop, but my original plan was to shoot in the cool little backdrops that alleyways provide. I guess I was trying to show myself as authentic as the alleyways that I love. I hope that people find “my story” authentic, because I want them to find me and my project to be authentic. I strive to be authentic.

One of the things I liked about Julie and her project was that is spawned from an authentic desire to learn how to photograph people, and to hear their stories. She had this cool little idea, and she ran with it. It pulled me in, along with many others, and has even been featured in The Chronicle. Not many people can say that about their little blog projects.

I hope that you check out the cool and authentic work that Julie is doing.

I hope that you check out my attempts to be authentic and raise money.

But maybe most importantly, I hope that you come to find authentic desires and pursuits and passions within your own life.

…Damn that was corny, but it was authentic. I promise.

Where All We Had Was Laughter

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I went to visit a friend of mine in prison last week.

It was the first time I had ever been to prison.

I don’t know what to say now. I didn’t know what to say then.

Its hard to find meaningful words when the situation is deserving of them.

So we sat there and laughed, about all the stupid things we used to laugh at when we were high school kids who didn’t have to worry about careers or life in prison.

It’s crazy how one small decision can change things so much.