Acceptance and Uncharted Waters

6a00d834515fca69e200e54f23c8698833-800wiAs some of you may already know, I got accepted to the Discipleship Training School in Belize.

You can read about it and support me here:

I can honestly say i haven’t been this stressed in a very, very long time.

All I can do at this point is just hope and pray and trust that the funds come in.

And thats not easy.

I can trust God with lots of things. Girls. Food. Shelter.

But that is because I’ve had positive experiences with those things in the past.

…Not so much with raising money though.

I could write a whole lot about those last three lines, but I wont.

What I will say is that  in the past two months, I’ve been blessed with awesome new roommates, a wonderful lady, and freebee’s that have seemingly materialized out of thin air.

(I mean seriously, how often does a $500 keyboard appear on your doorstep?)

My point is that God has provided those things into my life (Thank God, because I needed them)

All I can do now is trust that God will provide the supporters as well…

…and thats not easy.

I typed and retyped sentence after sentence here. I don’t know what else to write. I would just ask that you take a second to check out my other website. Thanks.



One Response to “Acceptance and Uncharted Waters”

  1. Wow, Luke! I love your sense of adventure teamed with your desire to serve God, share Jesus, and rely on the Holy Spirit.

    Grandpa and I will look at your proposal. I will be praying for you, your project and $$$.

    Love you!

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