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Photo diary

Posted in The Open Road on July 16, 2009 by lspray

We’ve been anywhere and everywhere. We just scored some tickets to be on letterman tonight, so we’re killing time before that. Maybe we’ll get to sit on the couch?! Anyways, here are some pics from the trip so far


Early morning

Posted in The Open Road on July 14, 2009 by lspray

So last night we saw Coldplay, which was on my list of “things to do before I die”, and let’s just say it definitely lived up to the hype. If I can figure out how to upload pictures from my phone, I’ll try to do it some justice, but let’s just say our seats were waaaaay in the back, like, we couldn’t even really see coldplay, which was disapointing, but the light show and all of the other crazy things coldplay does definitely made it worth it. So we’re standing there with 15,000 of our closest friends, and all of the sudden we see the spotlight move out into the crowd, and the band was making their way closer and closer to us, until they were standing like 50 feet away on a makeshift stage on the lawn. We were going wild because it was honestly the first glimpse of the band that we got all night. So we’re standing there, and then I realized we could get even closer if we really wanted. So I turned to Tj and I said, “fu&* it, let’s go!” and so we made our way even closer until we were only 20 feet away from the band right as they played a cover of “Billie Jean”. Obviously, that was the highlight of the night. Amazing.

Anyways, I appologize if all of the grammer and spelling is wrong. We got home at 3, woke up at 6, and now we’re sitting here waiting to board the plane to New York. Last night was a great way to start, actually, it was a perfect way to start our trip watching an amazing coldplay show with some amazing friends.

Oh and did I mention coldplay was only 20 feet away? We were close enough that Im sure Chris Martin could sense me being a little fanboy, kinda like Im doing right now.

Sorry if this blog is incohearant. Or if all the spelling is wrong.

Off to New York City!

New York! Florida! The Getaway…

Posted in The Open Road on July 11, 2009 by lspray

Widescreen_Black_and_white_New_York_005187_On Tuesday Me, Tj and Caleb will be flying to New York City. We’ll be staying with my friend Ryan Larette. At some point we will leave New York and make our way down to St. Pete Florida where a friend of Tj’s has a condo on the beach that we will be staying at. Then on the 28th we will fly back and resume our normal lives. Petersburg_Florida

Now you may ask, “How are you going to get from NYC to Florida?”

Answer: We don’t know. I really REALLY want to hitchhike, but if that doesnt pan out, we’ll just catch a train or something, stopping wherever we feel like along the way.

It’s going to be an adventure. And that’s what I’m excited about. It’ll be nice to get away from work and responsibilites for two weeks. Hopefully we’ll get to Florida in time to catch our plane.

You can (hopefully) follow our journey as I’ll try to keep this blog as updated as possible.

Like I said, it’s going to be an adventure.

800px-Plane_wing_at_sunsetTry to keep up!

San Francisco

Posted in Life/Stories on July 2, 2009 by lspray

I would tell you that I love this city…3673951123_eda0ac9d5f

…but that would be an understatement.