Sometimes life seems to pass by in a way where I feel like I’m watching it. Those are the times when it’s easy to write about it. My thoughts are clear, and everything that passes before me can be studied and dissected until I can draw some coherent meaning from it.

Now is not one of those time. Now I feel like I’m in the thick of it. Work has kept me busy, and I’ve been picking up extra shifts. How can I justify sitting at home when I can be making that much money? New York is coming up soon….and the adventures that are sure to follow. Caleb is about to leave, and everyday I try to concoct up some scheme to keep him here. No success thus far.

I’m getting incredibly restless.

Caleb is moving out to save money to (hopefully) study abroad in South Africa. TJ is busy recording an album. My Sister is writing for a newspaper in Alaska. My other sister is off in the depths of Africa. I see other people doing the internship I did last year. I see pictures of my African friends with the group that went to see them this past month. All the while I am busy serving food to tourists.

Restless for sure.


One Response to “Untitled.”

  1. I really enjoy your blogs, they are interesting . they make me want to see San Francisco. what is this about NY?
    love you, g-ma

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