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Posted in Life/Stories on June 30, 2009 by lspray

Sometimes life seems to pass by in a way where I feel like I’m watching it. Those are the times when it’s easy to write about it. My thoughts are clear, and everything that passes before me can be studied and dissected until I can draw some coherent meaning from it.

Now is not one of those time. Now I feel like I’m in the thick of it. Work has kept me busy, and I’ve been picking up extra shifts. How can I justify sitting at home when I can be making that much money? New York is coming up soon….and the adventures that are sure to follow. Caleb is about to leave, and everyday I try to concoct up some scheme to keep him here. No success thus far.

I’m getting incredibly restless.

Caleb is moving out to save money to (hopefully) study abroad in South Africa. TJ is busy recording an album. My Sister is writing for a newspaper in Alaska. My other sister is off in the depths of Africa. I see other people doing the internship I did last year. I see pictures of my African friends with the group that went to see them this past month. All the while I am busy serving food to tourists.

Restless for sure.



Posted in Life/Stories on June 15, 2009 by lspray

“It may well be that that greatest tragedy of this period of social transition is not the glaring noisiness of the so-called bad people, but the appalling silence of the so-called good people.” -Martin Luther King Jr.


Of the most influencial people in human history, it’s telling that their words can be so poignant so long after they’re gone.

Good Morning.

Posted in Life/Stories on June 9, 2009 by lspray

Ever have so much to say, and no idea of how to say it? Not even having an idea of how to convey it -just emotion.

Thats where I am, I guess. Not many words. 

It was really nice going home this weekend. Whether it be celebrating graduations or just being alive another year, its good to celebrate people. It’s refreshing.

Bittersweet news: It looks like Caleb might be going to study aboad in South Africa. And the only way for him to save money to go would be to move out of our apartment. Which would suck, but who could pass up South Africa? So we may be on the roommate hunt, If you have any recomendations, let me know.




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…If I ever had to choose one store to pick up on women…it would be H&M. Why? Because every time I go in there, It feels like there are a ton of gay guys, a ton of women, and me. Good odds…

…If there were eight days in a week, I would use the eight day simply for reading, because every time I walk into a bookstore, I realize I have so much left to learn…

…I’m beginning to think people simply switch off their brains when they walk into restaurants. Seriously. Bubba Gump’s isn’t some magical playground. Someone proposed in the restaurant this weekend. Without a ring. Who in their right mind does that? Who in their right mind says yes to that?

…Life is good…What’s you’re life like?