San Francisco: Update 3

n1450260044_193667_1585Life has been busy. 

This semester is finally over. How were my grades? Well, lets just say I’m sure I’ve done better. I can live with bad teachers, but this semester, some of my teachers were just…bad human beings. So I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed until I get my grades back.

It’s strange to think that it wasnt too long ago that I had no place to live, no job, and no school. And here were are a couple of months later, and I have an amazing apartment, a great job, and, well, school is school.

School this semester has been frustrating. It’s hard to concentrate when your phone is smarter and more entertaining than your professors. I’m also at a point where I need to start figuring out what to do with my life. I only have one more semester of GE left. That makes me alil nervous.

So I’ve been bouncing around with this crazy idea of opening a coffee shop. Now let me be clear, I come up with lots of ideas, and most of them never come to fruition. As most people know, I love coffee. I’ve been to all of the trendiest, elitist, and best coffee shops in the city. And I always come away thinking, “you know, I could do this better”. So I found this perfect location, and I was starting to figure things out with it, letting my mind work and all that…and then I went to do what I always do, I talk to TJ. Why? Let me explain, TJ is….brains. And reason. Me on the other hand, I am…enthusiasm. So I go to TJ as a way to get a healthy dose of reality on things like this…He curbs my enthusiasm. So I was kinda expecting him to shoot more holes through my plan than a slice of swiss cheese. What was the response I got? TJ: “Yea man, I think you can do it”. Sooo I took TJ and Caleb to the location, and they kinda caught the vision for it too. So I’m kinda excited to see if this whole thing goes anywhere. The name of the place is Ambient Stories, with the tagline being: Coffee. Conversation. Music.4263_86157468092_675348092_2002301_6382017_n So now…I donno, I’m still working my way through it…buuuut, yea. I really don’t know what else to say about that. But if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it, and if you would like to hear more about it, I can do that too.

What else is new? Did I mention I live in an awesome apartment? Our apartment is coming together very nicely. We now have some lovely art on our walls, courtesy of our friend Rachael Banar. We also (finally!) got a stereo. And we should be moving the piano in any day now. Did I mention that my apartment is on the 7th floor? with a balcony? And a pool? And a jacuzzi? Nbd. Come visit.

Work at Bubba Gump’s has been great. Summertime is here, which is nice. I made rent from this weekend alone. Needless to say, business is good. It’s so nice to have a job that I’m well suited for. YWAM worked out well for the same reasons for me. 

As for summer plans, its tough thinking that a year ago at this time I was in Africa. And while I really wish I was there again, I know I’m exactly where I should be. So much has happened since I left SFO for Africa last summer. Yesterday I was having a meeting at YWAM with my old boss Tia, and I remarked to her how its strange how a year ago I had never stepped foot into the YWAM building, and here we were having meeting about the coming summer. So while this summer won’t be as epic as Africa to home to San Francisco, I do have some plans. I’d been pushing TJ for awhile now to hitchhike the east coast with me. Like I said before, TJ is reason, I am enthusiasm, so it was a tough sell. But we got caleb involved, which made TJ feel better, and which will make the trip much funner. So the tenative plan to fly to NYC and stay a couple of days with my buddy Ryan Larette, and then to hitchhike our way down to St. Pete Florida where we have a condo to stay at thanks to one of TJ’s friends. So now its just about getting dates finalized and all that jazz. 


All in all, I’m doing really well. I feel like we not only survived moving to San Francisco when people doubted us, but I feel like we are really thriving right now. It’s been a fun ride. I’m excited to see whats next. As a last word, I’ll repeat (and paraphrase) something TJ said to me last week. This quote convinced me to buy, and wear a tuxedo jacket (for $20! Thank you thrift store)

“Life is too short to worry about what people think is cool or not. If you think something is cool, then rock it”


One Response to “San Francisco: Update 3”

  1. Bitta (: Says:

    Sooo, I’m thinking if you ever have a party in your bad ass apartment you should call me up. (: You can meet Ditty! AHAHA

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