The Marvel of the Human Body

One of the many reasons I choose to believe in God is the beauty of the human body. Now while this picture of my toe may not insinuate beauty, it proves my point.

Let me explain, Yesterday someone’s heel landed on my toe while playing basketball. While that picture may not show it too well, my toe is now multiple shades of black and blue, and I’m pretty sure my toenail is going to fall off quite soon. 

I originally thought I had just stubbed my toe and that the pain would go away quite soon. I was wrong. As the day went on and work got closer, it just got worse. I ended up going (limping) into work, where we didn’t have enough staff to allow me to leave. No big deal I thought, I can limp around and get my job done. As the night went on, the pain, and my limp, got worse and worse. By the time i got home, my foot was throbbing and swollen, and I was beginning to think that my toe was broken. Let me tell you, it hurt. Alot.

As of today, I’m pretty sure my toe isn’t broken. All of that freaking pain came from my toenail. Which leads to why that helps me believe in God. 

One stupid toenail made my night quite painful. And the way my mind works, it makes me wonder, If there is no God, how could our bodies have ben made this perfectly? Imagine if by the design of the “big bang” or whatever, my toenail hurt all the time, because the big bang wasn’t as smart as God would have been in designing bodies. What if our bodies didn’t work correctly? what if little things went wrong like my toe and we were in pain all the time? I get kanker sores in my mouth from time to time (thank you genes), if you have ever had a kanker sore, you know that they usually spawn from absolutely nothing, and become an annoying, sometimes extremely painful spot in your mouth. I usually get them on steroids. And each time it makes me think the same thing, what if God had designed us just a little bit differently? Or what if the big bang had designed us? And we all had kanker sores, ALL the time? eating food would not be enjoyable, sometimes even talking would be painful. BUT NO! thankfully we were not designed by the big bang and God does not make mistakes, so we were designed perfectly. Our incredibly intricate bodies (usually) work quite well and pain free, and allow us to live an enjoyable life where we dont usually have to worry about things like toenails because they were designed with perfection in mind!

Last thought, I find it hard to understand scientists, They strive to understand the beatiful intricities of the universe and the elements and the human body, and I don’t see how every sign does not point towards a creator. Our bodies work too perfectly, our elements coexist and combine too perfectly for there not be something more going on than the “big bang”.

Seriously, did you know that if earth was 50 feet closer to the sun we would burn up and if it was 50 feel further away we would freeze? The bible says that earth will scream that a creator exists. Scream.

Your body, the elements, the seasons, even the distance to the sun all seem to imly that we’re just too perfect to be a coincidence. The marvel of your own body screams to the evidence that there must be something more.



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