Meet my roommates


Caleb, TJ, and Myself

Caleb, TJ, and Myself. Champions.

Since I recently discovered how to put pictures on here, I put a nice little flattering picture of myself on the “about trek” page. And I figured it would only be right to introduce you to my roommates as well.

Maybe I’m more observant than some, but I love watching people, and whether I realize it or not, I tend to pick up things from other people that I like about them. For me, the most obvious aspect of this is that I pick up other peoples words. I know I picked up “noob” from TJ, and I used to say “darling” alot when I worked in a restaurant full of old ladies. Less obvious is the fact that I wear a watch that Robert Easley gave to me, not just because I like it, but because it’s a really nice watch that he gave me out of the blue, and it reminds me on a daily basis that I should be generous. Robert Easley is the most generous person I’ve ever met, and I’d really like to emulate that. 

The people you live with and the people you come in contact with on a day to day basis have a bigger impact on your life than you can imagine. Subconsciously or not, you emulate them. You compare their life and their accomplishments to your own, and the rough edges of “you” seems to get rounded out by picking up little things from those around you.

Sometimes I realize I’m trying to emulate a certain quality about someone, but usually it seems to just rub off over time. And that brings me back to my roommates. Caleb and TJ are the two people that are closest to me, whether they like it or not. They’re there when I beat them at wii bowling, and they’re there when I dance in my boxers (and other stuff). My point is, they see me at my best and my worst (my best being when I’m dancing in my boxers). Whether they realize it or not, the way they live affects the way I live, and vice versa. 

So it’s only right that I share a little bit about the guys who share and shape my journey.

Caleb Brisbane is someone I didn’t really meet until we moved in together. We played basketball once before that and I beat him, and since then I don’t think I’ve beaten him at anything (except wii bowling). Caleb is one of those people who seems to be good at most everything. He is continually the video game champ of the house. He goes to SF state and is one of the leaders of their Intervarsity. Caleb is also the leader of the junior high ministry at his church (His dad is also the pastor, so +1 for being a fellow PK). Caleb is also a soccer coach at his old high school (where rumor has it he was once quite the stud). To add to this, he also pays the bills by working at starbucks and occasionally bringing home coffee cake (for which I am very thankful). Needless to say, caleb is the busiest person I know. Oh and did I mention that every girl that has come over to our apartment thinks Caleb Brisbane is a cutie?

TJ Guardino has been one of my closest friends ever since the first couple weeks at Jessup. We moved to San Francisco together, and somewhere along the way he became my best friend. Simply stated, I would not live in San Francisco right now if it wasn’t for TJ, much less have awesome couches (thank you Mr. and Mrs. Guardino). TJ takes FOREVER to go anywhere, I still cannot figure out what takes him so long. But he makes up for it by usually walking faster than I run. He was terrible with direction, until he got an iphone. TJ is the best guitarist I know, and is an aspiring songwriter and musician. I am eternally grateful and encouraged to have someone  around who is unsure about where life is taking him, but at the same time pursues his dreams to the fullest. TJ is the world’s pickiest person when it comes to movies, but he has really good taste in music, so it’s an even tradeoff. To be quite honest, I don’t think I’ve ever met a single person who didn’t like TJ Guardino.

Now you’ve gotten a chance to know my roommates. Take some time to get to know yours. They’ll shape you more than you think, and you should return the favor.


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