San Francisco: Update 2

2707423596_e0f8c0b4b3First off let me apologize to all the friends and friendships that I have neglected lately. As busy and stressed as I’ve been, I continually come back to realizing how grateful and in debt I am to all the people who put up with me.

I recently got a job working at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. I actually got this job a couple of weeks ago now, but have been slow to talk about it for fear of jinxing it. I just finished going through the hardest training I’ve had for any restaurant job, or any job for that matter. It wasn’t a matter of when I started working for Bubba Gump’s, but if I would be working for Bubba Gump’s. It was that tough. I’ve studied twice as much for Bubba Gump’s as I have for all my midterm’s combined, and thats saying more about Bubba Gump’s than my midterms.

Thankfully, I made it through training (relatively) smoothly. So I now work at the world famous Pier 39 Bubba Gump Shimp Co. and I expect you all (yes, all three of you who read this) to come visit me. 

At this point it’s just strange having a little extra money. Ever since…well, January really, I’ve had this cloud of debt hanging over my head. And while that cloud is still there, I now have a solid way of paying my way out of it…and maybe being able to splurge on some ben & jerry’s along the way (and believe me, I’ve already begun splurging on ben & jerry’s).

In other news, I’ve gotten the chance to work at YWAM again. I loved working there over summer, and they were nice enough to allow me to work some of their spring teams. I cannot explain how good working at YWAM is for me, for some reason the combination of working with the homeless and leading high school kids suits me well, and I’m honestly just thankful to have the opportunity again.

As far as the apartment goes, it’s now almost completely furnished (minus a piano and some much needed art) and might I say that it looks good. really good. I sat out on my balcony tonight and watched the rain, and thought about how a couple of months ago, this whole situation was just part of my imagination. I don’t know if I had ever slept in a building more that like three stories off the ground before (well, aside from sleeping on planes) and now I live in a 7th floor apartment. Before I moved, I would have been happy living in the worst of San Francisco apartments, and somehow I get to look out over the San Francisco skyline every night.

And now I make enough money to be able to do that comfortably. It’s funny how much life can change in just a couple of months. I’m grateful. I’m lucky. And dear God, I’m so thankful.


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