San Francisco: An Update

3280807818_3fd5cb5718I haven’t written anything since we moved into our new place, so here’s an update:

Moving was great. I felt like Benjamin Button when he finally gets the girl and they get a place together, It’s completely empty but he says it was the happiest time of their lives. I was so stoked to move into downtown SF, to finally be where I wanted to be, that I did not care one bit that we had no furniture. As much as I liked TJ’s parents well furnished house and their hospitality, I really love my downtown 7th floor apartment, with bay windows, and a view, and a balcony, and a gym, and a pool. God really blessed us with getting this thing. And even though it is mostly empty, it is the best place I have ever lived.

As I am writing this I am sitting on the floor up against the wall because we have no couch, or no chairs yet for that matter. We have a table that someone gave to us…and chairs for it are on the way, there are rumors of a couch as well. Sitting on the floor across from me are the only other things in the living room, a tiny TV that TJ’s parents gave us, Caleb’s PS2, and the wireless router that I got us…so we’ve all contributed a little bit. haha. But if you have extra furniture or anything, we’d be more than interested!

Anyways, We’re still getting the feel for our neighborhood. It’s so nice to be able to go outside at midnight and have the stores be open and see people on the streets. There is a little indie music venue across the street from us that seems to be packed each night with people trying to see bands I’ve never heard of. The street we live on is full or little bars and restaurants, all of which we cannot go to on account of having no money.

Speaking of money, I’m still looking for a job. As Mark commented to me in class tonight, “This is the absolute worst time to be looking for a job. Ever.” No kidding. Its been tough, I have a resume that makes it seem like I just got done serving Jesus, Obama, and Mother Theresa…blindfolded…and more restaurants have seen that resume than I can count. There just aren’t any jobs out there right now. So we’ll see what happens, hopefully God will open up a door soon though, I definitely need it.

Lastly, I love to dichotomy of San Francisco. I love how if you go one block from my apartment in one direction, there’s a strip club. And If you go one block in the other direction, there is a Lamborghini/Bentley dealership. I love how I can sit on the bus next to somebody who smells like a terrible mix of cigarettes and asian food, and also sit next to a man in a business suit. Just yesterday I was sitting on BART listening to the three yuppie girls behind me (Evesdropping is one of my favorite hobbies) talk about how they wished it rained more so they could wear their burberry rain boots, when I was distracted by a large dog suddenly sitting on my lap, followed by a bearded man with dreadlocks taking the seat next to me. After discussing his dog and laughing at the yuppie girls conversation behind us, he began to tell me strange stories of bald eagles, and then how he sold marijuana legally thanks to loose california law. Well, at least someones getting work these days…

until next time,



ps. I had a great low-key birthday, thanks to everyone who took the time to say happy birthday and whatnot. I’ve had more downs than ups with some of my friendships lately. Birthday’s are a day where people go out of their way to mention their appreciation for having someone in their life for that year or that moment. And at a time where some of my friendships are rocky to say the least, I think I may have needed it a little more than I though. So thanks. It meant alot.


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